Paige St. CYR. 

I’m a New England girl, growing up in the White Mountains of New Hampshire I learned from my parents and community the benefits of being independent and resourceful, traits that apply well to midwifery care! Before starting down my path to midwifery I studied Public Health and Policy at the University of New Hampshire. I love policy work and hoped to work in women’s health policy, but was sideswiped by the idea of pursuing midwifery. After college, I started tentatively doula-ing for friends while I worked at a rural public health consortium. Since those early days of calling out “sick” and privately savoring the afterglow of births I have attended over 100 births in both home and hospital. I am a direct-entry, homeschooled midwifery student and am on the road to completing an apprentice-based model of learning and hope to be able to sit for the national midwifery exam in 2016. Working with WomanWise is my third formal apprenticeship.  

I began in Boston working for Birth Matters and from there spent time briefly in Rome, Italy under midwife Valeria Barchiesi and most recently trained in Vermont with Gentle Landing Midwifery.  My upbringing and formal education have firmly rooted me in the practices of evidence based care and shared informed decision making. I believe that birth is a natural and transformative experience and endeavor to support women and their families over the course of their childbearing years. When not attending laboring mums or encapsulating placentas I can be found voraciously reading sci-fi, slowly teaching myself to forage, or spending time outside with my partner Matthew.

** Paige spent a lovely year with  me, but has now completed the requirements to become certified; all the mamas who are lucky enough to be cared for by Paige will be blessed  with her insight, compassion, knowledge and excellent care!

***Another postscript: On completing her year with me, Paige and Matthew moved back to NH, got married, started her midwifery practice, bought a home in ME and now are starting their own family! Many blessings to Paige & Matthew! ~Karen