Client Materials


Intake Form

This is the start of our journey together!                    This is your history, in your words and it is helpful to have this for our first visit. 


Mana Stats

Anonymously participate in a national study documenting homebirth.


Rh Negative

What does it mean to be Rh negative?


Newborn Metabolic Screen

What is a newborn metabolic screen?


When to call the midwife

Print and hang on your fridge for easy access.


Birth Tub Rental Agreement

Informed Choice: Midwifery 

My training, experience and philosophy as they relate to your midwifery care. 


Diet Diary

4 day diet diary helps to lay out your normal diet so we can encourage you and help you!


Informed Choice Documents

Genetic Screening

Information on Genetic Screening in pregnancy.


Vitamin K

Why newborns may need Vit K supplementation.


Other Forms

Record Release Form


Financial Agreement

Please read and sign the financial agreement; please note that after many years I am raising my fee to $4500, please note that the financial form attached here shows the incorrect fee




Your rights under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) 



What is erythromycin eye ointment for?


Group B Strep

Updated GBS form coming soon!


Birth Supply Kit List



Miles Circuit: Used to help move baby into optimal positioning during pregnancy and labor.

Preventing Vit K deficiency bleeding: Current study on Vit K from Midwifery Matters.

Oral Vitamin K drops: These are the oral Vitamin K drops we recommend.

Oral Vitamin D drops: These are the Vitamin D drops we recommend and use ourselves!

The Glucose Challenge (GCT): Learn the differences in glucose testing and how that can affect your results.

Mommypotamus: A trusted source for health research, including tested and proven remedies, real food recipes, and DIY solutions for moms with young children. 

Dr. Aviva Romm: Evidenced based and  balanced research on many issues such as GBS, GCT, headaches, and many others. 

Herbs in Pregnancy: What’s Safe? Aviva Romm Article on using herbs safely in pregnancy

Treating UTI’s naturally during Pregnancy Article by Dr. Aviva Romm on UTIs

Evidence Based Birth: Putting current, evidence based information into the hands of communities so they can make empowered choices.

Passage's Birth Tub: One-time, personal use birth tub ** this one is smaller than other birth tubs we carry!

GBS info: latest study on GBS. Summary on last page.

GBS article from BMJ

Get your own fetoscope! It’s so nice to hear your baby at home!