I found Karen taking care of her client very personal, she can work in any environment very adaptable to human and all cultural values, she knows how a woman body need(physically and mentally),.....Just like an elder sister.
— Atika Cushing, Attended Vertual university Pakistan
Karen is a skilled and competent, expert in the childbearing year. She is a well studied in her field and her contributed to the professionalism of traditional midwifery. I have participated in professional peer reviews and have benefited from her experience, knowledge directly as well as through those she has trained. I am honored to work in the same community as Ms. Webster.
— Nicole Schwartz, Holistic Birth Service Provider
I have been blessed to have Karen attend the birth of two of my children. Under her care and advice, I became healthier, happier, and gained greater respect for myself and my body & ability to nurture life. I have never been healthier than when I was pregnant with my children, and their amazing births were both empowering and safe.

I have also known and worked with Karen on a professional level, and have always known her to be professional, and extremely knowledgeable, warm and caring. Her clients do well under her care. We are lucky to have her serving our community.
— Angela Leonard, Lactation Consultant at Brandywine Pediatrics
Karen is a highly skilled midwife with loads of experience. She is kind, understanding, highly knowledgable, trustworthy and a great friend. I highly recommend her services to anyone interested in having a natural birth assisted by midwife.
— Josh Rhoades, Owner at J.T. Rhoades Auctioneer
Karen is a wonderful midwife! Her knowledge and passion for helping moms to be is outstanding and one of the best in the area. I highly recommend Karen to anyone who is looking for natural birthing options.
— Brenda Fairchild, DC, CACCP, Owner and Chiropractor at Pea and the Pod Chiropractic. Board Certified in Pediatric and Pregnancy Chiropractic
Saying that Karen is a midwife is like saying Notre Dame is a church. She is so much more. Her depth of knowledge and experience is astounding. She genuinely cares about every client she has and is willing to share not only her knowledge, but herself. Karen delivered two of my kids and the whole process both times was incredible. I am thankful to her, not only for supporting my wife in two pregnancies, and delivering two healthy babies, but also for sharing some of who she is with my family.
— Don Keller, Research Scientist/Study Director at Cyprotex
Karen is the best of the best. She is the one you want by your side. She is both the caring sympathetic one and also the wise women figure. I felt honored to have her at my births.
— Meliisa Ohm, Office Manager at Ohm Chiropractic Center
Karen was the midwife for two of our children, both born at home. She was not only professional and personable, but deeply committed to providing us the kind of birth experience we wanted. She did just that. Her knowledge was wonderful and she intuitively knew what was best during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. I highly recommend her services and would use her again.
— Lori Gerberick, Apothecary Department Head at Kimberton Whole Foods
Karen is an amazing midwife and all-around wonderful person. I looked forward to every prenatal appointment because I loved talking to Karen about all things baby (and non-baby!). I don’t think I could have had a better pregnancy and birth without her.
— Michelle Gaffney, Publishing and Editorial Consultant
I hired Karen to be the midwife for my son who was born 10 years ago. Karen and her assistant at the time, Terry, were so knowledgable. Karen made me feel so at-home in her office. As my belly grew and I came to see her more often, so did my love for her. I still to this day feel that Karen holds such a special place in my life. I later went on to work with her and realized, behind the scenes, that she is such an organized professional. She is thorough in her office work. And the amount that she charges for her services is so cheap for amount of work that she actually does. Karen is the best midwife I know!less
— Jen Field, Doula/RN at Birthawakenings Doula Services 0 LIKES
Karen is the best midwife I have ever come across. She is wise, gentle, warm and committed to mothers, families and babies. Her voice rang out quietly and clearly during labor. When I became pregnant again I knew I wanted her as my midwife again. She is intelligent and calm, personable and fun. I give her my highest recommendation.
— Cornelia Kietzman, Director, Extended Day Programs at The Miquon School
Karen was my midwife for my entire pregnancy and for my son & birth. It was a truly great and amazing experience to have a homebirth. I could not have had a better person to assist me than Karen. She is the best! If I have another baby I would absolutely use Karen again. I highly recommend her!
— Lynn Carey, Chiropractor
Karen, what can i say about the true WONDER WOMAN? She is an amazing person who is the best thing since, since green smoothies!

Karen has become a part of our family. All this leads up to her being a great, powerful midwife. If I could have twelve children, Karen would be there!
— Ed Coburn
As a doula, I attended a birth in which Karen was the midwife. She was fantastic - continuously attentive to the emotional and physical needs of the laboring woman and her partner and always a calming yet energizing presence. She is gentle and kind and compassionate and incredibly knowledgeable. She encouraged the parents to be the primary decision makers and assisted them through offering the information necessary to make informed decisions. Karen is one of the loveliest and most dedicated birth professionals I have ever met. I highly recommend her midwifery services.
— Brittany McCollum, Owner, Blossoming Bellies Wholistic Birth Services
Karen is a wonderful midwife who made me and my husband feel comfortable with her and her practice from the initial meeting. She provided excellent pre-natal care and support. Her experience provides complete self-confidence which is evidenced by her rapid responses to situations encountered during stages of labor and delivery. She was & the rock & that a birthing mother needs during delivery. I would not hesitate to recommend her to any of my friends desiring midwife services. She is the best midwife I have ever encountered and helped me to have the best home birth experience out of five births...two of which were at home.
— Charlene Schlager, Independent Education Management Professional
See how happy you make so many people Karen! You are such an amazing and strong woman radiating in beauty inside and out. Thank you Karen for being there through mine and so many other women’s birth journeys. Thank you Karen for having having wise eyes and patient ears as we grow and birth our new buds on family trees. Thank you Karen for your passion of being a loving Midwife and for your constant dedication to keep midwifery alive and giving us women hope to birth freely where we like! Thank you Karen for being my Midwife, my guardian angel, my friend and simply and most wonderfully, being YOU! We love you Karen. XOXO
— Stephanie Andrews
Twenty-five years ago Karen was my mid-wife, guiding me through the miracle of birthing my daughter, Carmen Wren. I was only going to get to have one child and was determined to have a spiritually-focused home birth. Thankfully I was led to Karen. I have so many wonderful memories of the pre-natal care she provided, especially her scolding me to eat more leafy greens and protein – I still do Karen! – Thanks to your persistent education efforts. The birth was everything I wanted. There is no substitute for empowering women to create the birth that is right for them and their families. Karen is a consummate professional and true wise woman. Let us all support her so that many more women may experience this precious blessing!
— Leslie Mallet-Prevost
Because of Karen’s belief in birth, I found the courage to birth my first son at home. After that incredibly empowering experience there was no doubt that my second son would be born at home. I owe the memory of those two beautiful experiences to Karen’s skill and heart as a midwife. When we found ourselves taking in a third son, an infant born addicted, Karen was there to support us and help us find the resources we needed to deal with such an unexpected and difficult situation. Thank you Karen, for lighting our way for each of our babies as they entered our lives.
— April Coburn
15 years ago, I had a baby in a hospital in Florida. She contracted a rare infection, from that hospital, that almost killed her; we are still dealing with the aftermath of her treatment today. I knew that if I were to have another child, that child would be born at home.

Before I would even consider becoming pregnant and had to find someone I could trust who understood that birth is a natural process needing no medical intervention, someone who trusts women and a women’s bodies and who can just be present with loving, knowledgeable support.

Thankfully, I found that person in Karen Webster. After multiple conversations, I was more than satisfied that I found the person I wanted present at my birth. I did get pregnant in 1999 and had my second daughter in December of that year. The birth was amazing, empowering and Karen’s gentle, trusting presence was exactly what we needed to heal from the medical horror that was the birth of our first child.

It takes very little research to see that homebirth is a proven *safer* option than hospital birth. Here is just one recent example from The Cochrane Library, considered the “gold standard” for reputable studies: http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1002/14651858.CD000352.pub2/abstract.

As women, we have the right to make informed decisions about where we can have our birth and who will be present. That is a decision for the women involved, not the state. It is a decision that woman have been making for thousands and thousands of years!

My experience with Karen was incredible! Her support before, during and after the birth was second to none. Karen Webster is an invaluable resource to pregnant woman and I can only hope that she will continue to be able to do that work that is so clearly her calling.
— Anna Brown
New Year’s Eve 2009 – It wasn’t just the 15 minutes of labor support and the excellent follow up. I really appreciated Karen and Laura’s prenatal care which was supportive, positive, and educational in stark contrast to my OB’s warnings, frustration and manipulations. Karen provided me with my only real chance to avoid another surgery and to experience a SIMPLE, PEACEFUL birth.
— Shari Schwartz Walter
It’s very special when your 2 year old can participate in the birth of her younger sister. Thank you Karen Webster. We love you.
— Justin Ohm
As a 14-year- old friend of her oldest daughter, I entered Karen Webster’s home for the first time, and from that first minute I realized how lucky I was. She loves her children fiercely and tenderly, and I felt like she loved me too. I pictured her as an angel with enormous wings which she spreads wide to embrace everyone she meets.

Years later I was privileged to be present when her oldest daughter, my dear friend, gave birth at home to her first child. Karen was both parent and midwife, seamlessly soothing and encouraging, just the right mix of medically professional and trusting in nature, absolute faith in the ability of her daughter to let herself open to the miracle of birth. What an incredible, close, loving, calm and determined experience – I was so proud of my friend, and in awe of Karen all over again.

Unfortunately circumstances prevented me from having her attend the births of my two girls, but her example, and the strength and surrender she fostered in her daughter, became the bedrock on which I stood during my triumphant labors and deliveries. I want to thank her from the bottom of my heart for being my second mother, for boldly dedicating her career to midwifery, for devoting all her energy to the love, nurture and welcoming of children, for injecting her formidable strength and conviction into the struggle for the idea of natural birth. Lawmakers, please take heed.
— Cynthia Grace Thompson Armes
Karen was my midwife for the birth of my 3rd child. I met Karen when I was about 12 weeks pregnant. She watched over my pregnancy and educated on how to maintain a super healthy pregnancy. Caleb was my first homebirth. Karen made my dream of a homebirth come true. She is an amazing women with the most caring of souls. Having my baby at home has changed who I am as a person and as a mom. She truly makes a difference and means the world to me and my family. She believed in me and I believe in her.
— Crisi Morrris
At 32 weeks along in my 3rd pregnancy I met Karen. After one c-section, one hospital VBAC and a fight with my OB/GYN I didn’t know what my options were. I heard about home birth and desperately called Karen. She was the best support. The midwife that all our other midwives have been compared to. She was there for the turning point in our lives, the moment when we realized that we had all we needed to birth and parent and educate our children. What Karen does is priceless. Karen was there to tell me I was strong when I felt weakest. Karen was there on a beautiful, sunny Saturday afternoon when she probably wanted to be with her own family. Karen was there to catch my third child, second son, born into peace and loving arms instead of a cold hospital room among strangers. And I can’t believe that she still has to fight to be who she is – my friend and my midwife.
— Tanya Blanchard
I could not imagine trusting my birth to anyone else. I watched my mother give birth to 5 of my 8 siblings, each one a very different and beautiful experience.
Watching her strength in birth helped me determine that I would have my own children at home. After observing and experiencing birth first hand from such an early age I learned that I could trust my own body and mind to deliver my babies.
I also got to see her work with women in such a confident, respectful and knowledgeable manner and knew from a young age she would be my midwife.
— Sunshine Webster Latshaw
I feel so blessed to have found Karen before the birth of my first child. Her confidence in me as a birthing woman and trust in the birthing process gave me the courage to prepare for a peaceful birth at home.
As a result, both of my sons have enjoyed beautiful births in the loving and calm environment of our home as their first experience of this world.
I cherish these memories, and my heart is forever grateful to women like Karen who work to allow women the freedom to birth at home.
For this is the place which most honors the needs and expectations of the incarnating spirit.
— April Coburn, Mother of Two Beautiful Boy
This was my first pregnancy and a time of anxiety as well as anticipation. I had so many questions to ask, so many niggling worries and while I knew the kind of birth I wanted, I didn’t know how to make it a reality.
Karen immediately put me at ease with her calm professionalism. She was supportive of my needs and provided a reassuring presence throughout my pregnancy, the birth and postpartum.
— Elizabeth, Mother of Scarlet
When I came to Karen, I was 5 months pregnant with my first child and had just moved to a new state. No family, no friends, just me & my husband. I was anxious about meeting my baby, intimidated by all of the information and the many decisions that need to be made before baby even gets here and a little scared.
In that 3 months, Karen went above and beyond to ensure I was comfortable, armed with information that would assist me in making the decisions that were right for my family and cared for my overall well-being; not just the pregnancy. Karen made sure to tell me about fun things to do in the area & organic/natural places to eat. She would call & check on me from time to time- all of which helped so much with keeping the blues away.
I can never thank Karen enough for all that she’s done for my family. She saw me through the births of both of my children, and has taken on a role of surrogate mom/grandma. We may not see her often, but my children know who Karen is, and we love her!
Midwife. Teacher. Friend. We are forever grateful.
— Aja, Augustus, Adonis, Kamaal