Monika Lilley

Even though I grew up surrounded by birth, it has been a long journey becoming a full-time student midwife.

My mother was a labor and delivery nurse with a dream to become a midwife but I never considered it for myself. Never, that is, until I spent 2 months in the Philippines working in a maternity clinic. It was during my time there that I started to feel the pull to become a midwife myself. I have been so blessed to have worked with some wonderful midwives and in some incredible places; 2 months in the Philippines and 3 months in Mexico as a birth assistant and years in the US working as a doula. I spent 6 months in Alaska with GoMidwife working on academics and building my skills. I am excited to be studying with Karen. I can still remember her showing me my little sister & placenta after her birth 20 years ago, and before I left for the Philippines, she invited me to observe at a prenatal day. When I’m not busy studying, researching and working with Mommas and babies I am working in fiber art, playing music, creating, dancing, teaching fitness and many other things. I love working with my hands and creating beautiful things for everyday life.

I believe that birth is normal; That women & bodies really do work and they are amazing. I believe that birth is just as much a spiritual event as it is a physical event and my job as a midwife is to help prepare them for that. I believe that a midwife's role is much more than catching babies. It is about being with woman, before, during, and after pregnancy. Midwives are the guardians and watchwomen of birth. They trust birth enough to watch and keep their hands off while things are going well but are skilled enough to confidently, competently and swiftly take care of emergency situations. 

** Monika Lilley Karaosman spent a year working with me (we had so much fun & lots of adventures) and is now off to the next chapter of her life! Monika became Mrs. Karaosman this summer, when she married her love and life partner, Ahmet; they are expecting their first baby this winter. She is completing her requirements to be able to sit for the NARM exam and get her CPM certification. I have no doubt that every one who receives midwifery care from Monika will be delighted with her through & compassionate care.