Heather Bell

I discovered the magic of midwifery while pregnant with my first child more than a decade ago. Attended by midwives, I gave birth at home and rode the oxytocin wave for weeks, marveling in both my son and the incredible empowerment the experience gifted me. I realized shortly after his birth that I wanted to become a midwife myself, to do the work of holding space for others on the transformative journey to parenthood. When my husband retired we moved our family to the mountains of Tennessee where I began my first apprenticeship. While there, I began my second pregnancy, and so spent the months marveling over my own growing belly as well as those of the clients I was honored to attend alongside my midwives.

After the birth of my daughter, I took time off to care for my family’s needs, including the need to return to the greater Baltimore area to be near family and friends. Encouraged by Karen to fulfill my dream and start attending births again, I am now a student at Birthwise Midwifery School and an apprentice with Karen. I look forward to continuously discovering magic in the process as I give birth to myself as a Midwife. 

** Heather completed a year with Karen as her preceptor and is now moving out to the Pacific Northwest to continue her education as a midwife. Farewell Heather! We'll miss you.