At 32 weeks along in my 3rd pregnancy I met Karen. After one c-section, one hospital VBAC and a fight with my OB/GYN I didn’t know what my options were. I heard about home birth and desperately called Karen. She was the best support. The midwife that all our other midwives have been compared to. She was there for the turning point in our lives, the moment when we realized that we had all we needed to birth and parent and educate our children. What Karen does is priceless. Karen was there to tell me I was strong when I felt weakest. Karen was there on a beautiful, sunny Saturday afternoon when she probably wanted to be with her own family. Karen was there to catch my third child, second son, born into peace and loving arms instead of a cold hospital room among strangers. And I can’t believe that she still has to fight to be who she is – my friend and my midwife.
— Tanya Blanchard