15 years ago, I had a baby in a hospital in Florida. She contracted a rare infection, from that hospital, that almost killed her; we are still dealing with the aftermath of her treatment today. I knew that if I were to have another child, that child would be born at home.

Before I would even consider becoming pregnant and had to find someone I could trust who understood that birth is a natural process needing no medical intervention, someone who trusts women and a women’s bodies and who can just be present with loving, knowledgeable support.

Thankfully, I found that person in Karen Webster. After multiple conversations, I was more than satisfied that I found the person I wanted present at my birth. I did get pregnant in 1999 and had my second daughter in December of that year. The birth was amazing, empowering and Karen’s gentle, trusting presence was exactly what we needed to heal from the medical horror that was the birth of our first child.

It takes very little research to see that homebirth is a proven *safer* option than hospital birth. Here is just one recent example from The Cochrane Library, considered the “gold standard” for reputable studies: http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1002/14651858.CD000352.pub2/abstract.

As women, we have the right to make informed decisions about where we can have our birth and who will be present. That is a decision for the women involved, not the state. It is a decision that woman have been making for thousands and thousands of years!

My experience with Karen was incredible! Her support before, during and after the birth was second to none. Karen Webster is an invaluable resource to pregnant woman and I can only hope that she will continue to be able to do that work that is so clearly her calling.
— Anna Brown