Fees & Costs

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A Note from Karen:

I never want issues regarding money and payment to interfere with our care-giving relationship. My work as a midwife is much more than a job, and the reality is that my fees allow me to be available and accessible to you throughout your entire pregnancy.  I realize meeting the expenses will take planning for most families, and I am committed to working together to develop a clear and suitable payment plan at the beginning of your time in my care. Discounts are often available for families that are eligible for Medicaid, and bartering may be part of that plan.

How much does it cost to use your services?

The global fee for our services is $4500. Flexible payment plans are offered to all clients, with the total fee of $4500 due by 36 weeks.

We are a small practice and take a limited number of clients per month to ensure that we will be present for your birth! All clients are required to make a minimum $500 deposit by their first visit to ensure their place in our calendar. Unless other arrangements are made and agreed to, all fees must be paid in full before we can go on call for you at 36 weeks.  

What services are covered by the $4500 and are there any other expenses?

The $4500 global fee covers:

Prenatal checkups in my office (Chesapeake City MD, Wilmington DE, or Havre de Grace, MD)

Blood draws or lab specimen collection at the office (please be aware there is a separate fee charged by the lab for processing the labs).

Prenatal homevisit

On call for your birth at 37-42 weeks

Your birth

2 - 3 in home postpartum checkups, day 1, day 4 and in the 2nd week after your birth

6 week postpartum in office visit

MD & PA Newborn Metabolic Screen (DE charges $135 for newborn screens, and PA charges $25)

Pulse Oximetry testing for baby

*Other expenses not covered include: labwork processing, ultrasounds, birth tub rental ($125 + $18/liner), DE Newborn Metabolic Screen, hearing screening, Vit K ($25), Rhogam ($150) and birth kit

Do you accept insurance? Do you accept Medicaid?

The short answer is yes. While WomanWise is not an in network provider with any insurance carrier, we do work with a billing service for insurance billing for those clients whose plan covers homebirth with an out of network provider. As yet, CPMs in MD, DE & PA are not recognized providers with Medicaid, so Medicaid does not reimburse for our services..

For families with a Healthcare Sharing Plan, we provide an invoice at the conclusion of care which the client submits. In most cases, healthcare sharing plans cover all of the fee for our services.

I don't have insurance or my insurance plan doesn't cover homebirth. How can I pay for my homebirth? Do you offer a sliding scale fee?

WomanWise happily works with self-pay clients to find a way to pay for their care. As a small independent practice, we have a limited number of spaces each year for discounted fees. We believe that finances shouldn't be a barrier to having the birth you want. We can tailor payment plans to your budget and are open to barter arrangements*. Potential clients who are receiving assistance (food stamps, WIC, Medicaid) may qualify for a reduced fee. 

We accept cash, check, PayPal and credit card/HSA payments with Square. There is a 3% fee for PayPal & credit cards.

  • When bartering there is no discounted fee, our barter arrangements are for the full fee of $4500

I'd like to transfer care to WomanWise but I am already 32 weeks. Do you offer a discount?

We do! When transferring care to WomanWise at or after 32 weeks we offer a $200 discount off the full fee of $4,500 if you provide complete records of your current pregnancy.

*No other discounts can be applied when transferring late to care.