Angela & Mike: Melanie

Well, the birth of this beautiful baby girl was everything I hoped it would be. We are both healthy and happy, and she was born safely and gently at home.

My water leaked at around 4:30 in the morning on the 10th. I washaving contractions that weren't very painful about every 8­ - 10 minutes. I called my midwife and doulas and let them know what was going on. We all thought that it could be a fast labor based on how quickly Julia had come into the world. My midwife Karen, and my two doulas, Donna and Jackie arrived by 9am. My neighbors knew something was going on by all the Prius’s in the front of my house.

Contractions stayed very manageable all day ­ I was outside walking in my yard with Mike. I played fetch with Chloe ­ took a little rest... we were waiting for things to kick in. My chiropractor even came over and gave me a great adjustment to help the baby get into a better position. The kids were at school and it was a very peaceful day.

My contractions started getting a little bit harder right around the time the kids came home at 4:00. They all came in to say hi to me while I was laboring in the tub ­­ and things were starting to get a little bit hairy. They went out to get some pizza at around 5pm.

Crazy labor started around then I guess. I was hoping to skip that part I think. Anyway, I just wanted to lay on my bed but my doulas encouraged me to get up and move. I should have stayed in bed.

I went into my bathroom to pee and had a very strong contraction. I started yelling baby, baby, baby and boom ­­ out she came. 5:23 PM. Thankfully my midwife had followed me into the bathroom and she made the catch(6 inches above my toilet!).... Once again (as with Julia) I had NO warning or urge to push until the baby was coming out! I guess it's a good thing, but Man that HURTS!

Melanie was perfect. She cried immediately and I had her in my arms. They got me over to the bed, so that I could look at her and snuggle. One of my doulas called for my kids and sent them running home ­ they left dinner sitting there at the Pizza Peddler.

They got to see her within a few minutes of her birth. They helped with the newborn exam and we are all very much in love. She is perfect, she is healthy, and I couldn’t have asked for a better birth for her. We are all bonding with our new baby girl and having a great time. Melanie weighed 8lbs 10oz and was 21 inches long.

This is the second birth that I have had at home and again, I wouldn't do it any other way. Karen is such a wonderful and gentle spirit and has guided me through two beautiful births. She has helped to create experiences and memories that have shaped who I am as a mother and as a woman. Thank you Karen, I love you!

Karen Webster

daughter, sister, friend, mother, midwife, nana, teacher.