Asa Moseley

I was extremely happy to find such a great midwife whose counsel I trusted 100%!  I soon found that I look to her for counsel like I would to a doctor.  She is more than a doctor in many ways.  I look forward to asking her all of my health questions like healthy food tips and suggestions, and any health concerns with me or my children.  I always joke and say, "I am so excited to be expecting!  And it is not only because I get to go see Mrs. Karen" :).  She answers my questions so thoroughly!  The appointments would often last 2hrs because I enjoyed talking so much.

Mrs. Karen is a spa midwife.  :). She makes feel extremely pampered.  I really feel like she cares for me as one of her own children!  And she treats me BETTER than herself.  It is amazing.  Therefore I know it is the power of God. Hallelujah!!!  

Karen Webster

daughter, sister, friend, mother, midwife, nana, teacher.